Doka Framed formwork - Frami Xlife

Formwork System

Doka Frami Xlife is universal system that can be suited for any types of walls, columns and foundations.

This universal system can easily adapt to any project from biggest construction projects to small cottages.

Frami Xlife advantages:

  1. Fast assembling process. 
  2. easy to manhandle, yet sturdy enough for large-area forming, also with a low-load crane
  3. Cost effective
  4. Hot-dip galvanized frames. Their premium hot-dip galvanized finish gives them a particularly long lifespan.
  5. Quick adaptation to structure. 
  6. with a high-pressure washer, final and intermediate cleaning is easy, thanks to the panels' hot-dip galvanized frames.
  7. Safe Workplace
  8. Safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS. work­place safety on all sides with the Frami pouring platform.

Technical description 

Frami Xlife Doka formwork system that is used for formation of: Walls, columns and foundation.

Frami Xlife adapts to the layouts  in a 15 cm grid. The panels can be combined both placed upright and on their sides. The max. 15cm gap can be easily bridged with the Frami adjustable clamp. This gives you huge flexibility, because you can combine panel heights from 1.20m to 3.00m. in width 75 cm there is also universal panel. The logical panel size-grid- with only five widths and four heights of panel- makes for optimum adaptability.

  1. Permissible  concrete fresh-pressure up to 67.5 kN/m2 
  2. Width of universal panels: 90cm and 75cm. 
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