Doka Top 50

Wall Systems
Large-area formwork Top 50

System Top 50 in detail 
The Doka formwork beams H20 (1) and the steel walings (2) are spaced closer together or further apart, depending upon what loads are expected. The form-facing (3) is freely selectable, to meet widely differing requirements.

Formwork built by Preassembly 
The individual parts of the Top 50 system can quickly be assembled into site-ready elements by means of easy-to-use connecting devices: this saves on assembly costs. Having the elements pre-assembled ensures top-quality, meaning precision element joints and a first-class joint pattern, even with challenging geometries. For high numbers of repeat uses, fielding Large-area formwork Top 50 pays off even more.
Free choice of form fac¬ing and form-tie pat¬tern 
With the Top 50 system, key architectural specifications can be fulfilled.


Fair-faced concrete 
Because it can be used with any form facing and adapts to any shape of structure, Large-area formwork Top 50 is particularly suitable for forming concrete that has to meet stringent specifications regarding its surface finish (i.e. fair-faced concrete).

Out-of-the-ordinary facades 
Domino ESP Berne, Switzerland

Sharp edges, smooth surfaces 
City-Tunnel, Leipzig, incl. underground stations, Germany