Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Concrete monitoring with Concremote 
Concremote uses digital sensors to measure the insitu concrete maturity (temperature x time) gradient and with this data it calculates early age strength. Think construction processes forward and boost your productivity.

Save time 

  • Implement shorter cycle times with certainty by measuring early strength gain of the concrete, instead of having to rely on traditional approaches and incremental test cubes
  • Switch concrete mix to optimise overall construction time
  • Remote monitoring of temperature development and strength gain can be off-site
  • Automatic notification in real-time when the concrete reaches the target value, enabling rapid initiation of critical path activities (stripping, pre-stressing, climbing, curing)
  • Digital logging of the measured data reduces on- & off -site management

Increase safety 

  • Reliable quality data from the concrete structure makes for greater security in the decision making process
  • Hard data for compliance confirming quality and strength thresholds
  • Safe repositioning of the formwork in winter working conditions

Enhance concrete quality 

  • Required curing time is measured for quality assurance
  • Mass concrete:
  • Heat of hydration is monitored continuously to minimise crack widths
  • Optional automatic control systems for the heating and cooling of concrete
  • Support for achieving uniform fair-faced concrete colour tones when stripping formwork at a known level of concrete maturity

Reduce costs 

  • Plan cycle times in advance to cut material and labour costs
  • Shorter cycles, delivering reduced commissioning of on-site quantities
  • Validated concrete quality for reduced concrete finishing costs
  • On builds with lengthy cycle times, optimising the concrete mix helps cut costs
  • No requirement for traditional, incremental testing of cubes to establish early concrete strength.