Doka Staxo 40

Load-bearing Systems
short description

Staxo 40 frames 

  • ergonomically shaped H-frame geometry with low dead weight for easy handling and short assembly times
  • sturdy, galvanised H-frames with heights of 0.90 m, 1.20 m and 1.80 m for easy and cost-efficient height adjustment
  • defined anchorage points for personal fall arrest systems (PFAS)

Diagonal crosses 

  • different lengths for variable inter-frame spacing in 50cm increments from 1.00m to 3.00m
  • fixed to the load-bearing tower safely and quickly with innovative safety catches
  • clear identification of lengths through coloured clips and imprint

Built-in system safety 

  • ladder system with non-skid rungs available for any combination of frames
  • anchorage point for personal protective equipment (PPE) anywhere on the frame's diagonals

Plane decking levels with scaffold planking 
for quickly and safely erecting and dismantling the superstructure
Screw-jack heads and feet 

  • extension lengths of 70 cm (at top and bottom) for a total of 140 cm adjustment to changes of level and to inclinations
  • precision adjustment, right down to the last millimetre, even when under load
  • three-wing spindle nut makes for easy height adjustment and rapid screw-jack release
  • easy to release, using either a formwork hammer or a reinforcement rod


Efficient and safe erection 

  • its lightweight, ergonomic components make for an effortless set-up without a crane
  • can be erected in the upright with scaffold planking units, 'move-up' railings and available add-on ladderways for high workplace safety
  • optional assembly in the horizontal for high workplace safety

Tower-to-tower walkway openings 
for fast, safe working inside the scaffold and beneath the towerframe superstructure

Safe working at the edge of the floor-slab 
by mounting platform brackets to the towerframes

Cantilevering concrete loads transferred safely 
by the high load capacity of the platform brackets combined with a plumbing strut

Craneless horizontal repositioning 
with clamp-on shifting-wheels – a simple, sturdy solution that can quickly be connected to the tower

Connecting up scaffold tubes 
Scaffold tubes can be connected to every frame, using standard couplers

Getting inside the towerframes is made easy 
by the geometry of the Staxo 40 frames