The Load-bearing tower Staxo 100 / Staxo40

სივრცული ხარაჩო

The Load-bearing tower  Staxo 100, Staxo 40

Doka Load-bearing tower Staxo system stands out for being exceptionally easy to handle and superbly adaptable to any building-construction project.

Excellent adaptability to different layouts, made possible by variable inter-frame spacing of between 0.60m and 3.00 m. 
With its rugged steel frames, Staxo   is designed for large shoring-heights and high loads. It unites high load capacity and
safety, in every situation.

  • Staxo 100/40 - frame size  - 90/120/180 sm
  • Staxo 100 - load bearing capacity per leg - 100 kN
  • Staxo 40 - load bearing capacity per leg - 45 kN.
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