Doka Staxo 100

Load-bearing Systems
short description

Staxo 100 frame 

  • extremely sturdy steel frames with heights of 0.90 m, 1.20 m or 1.80 m for easy height adjustment
  • built-in connectors make the system easy to set up
  • gravity catches for mounting the diagonal crosses quickly and safely
  • integral ladder with non-skid rungs
  • defined anchorage points for personal fall arrest systems (PFAS)
  • scaffold-tube couplings are easy to connect

Diagonal crosses 

  • the firmly connected diagonal braces make the system quick and simple to erect
  • different lengths of diagonal cross permit flexible inter-frame spacing, for cost-optimising the load capacity
  • unmistakable length identification provided by colour-coded clips and embossed markings

Screw-jack heads and feet 

  • height adjustment possible right down to the last millimetre
  • easy to operate, thanks to special thread geometry and integral fixing handle
  • can be released with minimal physical effort, even when under load

Heavy duty screw jack 
The screw-jack extension length of up to 2 m per load-bearing tower permits optimum adaptation to changes in the level of the support base, to downstand beams and to sloping slabs.

Very high workplace safety 

  • 'mounted-ahead' railings for erecting and dismantling the towerframes safely when this is done with the tower in the upright
  • toeboard for safe workplaces e.g. beneath the towerframe superstructure
  • a mounting-gallows makes it easy to pull up the towerframes

Added single legs 

  • for easy adaptation to unusual layouts
  • continuous positioning possible up to 1.50 m away from the tower
  • optimised equipment utilisation

Scaffold planking units 

  • for safe towerframe assembly and safe working inside the tower
  • lightweight aluminium decking units with or without a manhole opening
  • only two decking units needed on each storey of the tower
  • integrated anti-liftout guard makes it possible to fit the scaffold planking units even when the towers are pre-assembled in the horizontal


Simple, fast stacking 

  • as there are only a small number of different parts, which makes for easier handling
  • as the connection sleeves and connecting pins are all integrated into the frames
  • thanks to the logical erection sequence
  • as the diagonal crosses are all clearly and unmistakably identified with colour-coded clips

Continuous height adjustment 

  • using the easy-to-operate screw-jack heads and feet for last-millimetre adjustment even when under load
  • with a 2 m jack extension length per tower when the extra-strong Staxo 100 heavy duty screw jack is used

Stair tower 
By combining standard Staxo 100 frames and pre-assembled aluminium stairway elements, this provides safe access to high-up workplaces.

Erecting towers using a telescoping stacker truck 
This is an effort-saving and safe method for erecting and dismantling towers in the upright, and for repositioning them

Adaptation to unusual layouts 
by combining the towers with single legs

Erecting towers in the upright 
with 'mounted-ahead' railings and scaffold planking units with manholes, for high safety

Fast, safe repositioning 
using winches, Shifting carriages TG or forklift trucks

Erecting towers in the horizontal 
a safe, fast method of erecting the towers